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Bios are so awkward, aren't they? Sure, you'd like to know a little about the person who is so delighted to create images for you and take on big, scary lighting challenges, but it all sounds so ME ME ME! How about some point form facts about ME that all begin with I? 


- have three incredible teen-aged children. They are 20, 19, and 17, and are my idea of 'Dream Kids'. They are kind, fun loving, witty, and good friends with each other. 

- love learning things. Every single thing I take on is a heady combination of using what I know and finding some ways to experiment with  'what if I did THAT?!'. Sometimes it works, sometimes it flops, but either way, I learn something cool.

- really enjoy events, whether I am working them as a photographer, or enjoying them as a guest. I love getting dressed up and using my 'big girl' table manners. 

- have a difficult relationship with the word 'Realistic' and a much better, cuddly acquaintance with the word 'Possible'. Realistic seems to be code for Lower All Expectations Here, and that curdles my guts. Possible is the word that makes me giddy. It means that if I can create the right conditions, my squishy wishes may come to pass. If I can't, well, heck, I gave it a shot and probably learned something, and I can give it another shot! 

- like my mountains. I will backpack, run, ski, scramble, walk, hike, snowshoe and paddle in them for my whole life. 

- make jokes about being the ADD (no H) poster child, but those aren't jokes. I have many tricks to keep myself on track when it comes to project deadlines (I never miss one) but I struggle to avoid multi-tasking and being forgetful. It's something I will always need to work with. On the plus side,  having wildly divergent thought processes, and the odd (sometimes unwanted) ability to obsess is actually very helpful to creativity, and  seeing things differently. 

- LOVE quotes. All kinds. I post way too many of them on Facebook, and most times, the quote is echoing my mood. One of my favourites right now is from Khalil Gibran - "When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth, you are weeping for that which has been your delight" How true this is during sad times for me. I need the reminder that the pain and sadness are only because I had  something of real value. It makes me remember to be grateful, to say Thank You for what was good, and to let go of what wasn't. 

- have a hearing impairment. It's turned me into a part time lip reader and very good at guessing what the missing words might be. This is an opportunity for comedy. Many awkward words rhyme with innocuous words. 

-Bake things. Pie, cookies, cake, and anything that can have pumpkin pie spice or coffee stealthily added as an ingredient. 

 - Miss my former partner, Lane Collison. Most of my clients got to know my infinitely talented other half over our years together. He died unexpectedly in January of 2013. He was first a very important mentor to me, and then my very best friend. I don't even know how to articulate my own anguish at his sudden passing, and I'm not alone in that. Lane had a way of making his gentle impression on everyone he knew, and could be different things to different people. We had a tumultuous and intense relationship, and even when he'd goof something up, he wouldn't give up. His persuasiveness  was both maddening and irresistibly charming. 

Lane with the images that earned him Photographer of the Year (generalist) for 2008-9 with PPOC Alberta

2008 PPOC-AB Generalist

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