Some of those extra things that don't really go on the  bio page can go here. LIke that table or drawer most people have with miscellaneous stuff on it. Bills, flyers, gum, business cards, projects, it will be a place to toss the stuff I'd like to share and talk about.  

It's PANTS! 

The very exciting (to me) new project I have begun is designing images for leggings. Website here: AM Adventures  

 Using scenic photos, and some graphic design elements, I've created one of the things I've been looking for. Fun running pants that also look quite sharp in other settings. Nearly all of the designs are from my photos, but the I *HEART* Canmore leggings were made with a painting I made of an anatomical heart, and an old wall paper pattern.

It is SO fun to come up with ideas for the leggings, and I have several other themes ready to be made. It's at least a years worth of work, and I can't wait to see them ON people. The leggings are comfy enough to wear around the house, in camp, at your favourite hut, etc., but I'm really looking forward to finding out what other adventures the pants will find. I wear mine to the indoor climbing gym, which is harder on them, but NOT outside. They're a perfect shape holding fabric, meaning it won't sag or stretch in a way that it won't bounce back from, like compression athletic wear. I think the right design will look amazing as 'out for dinner and drinks' wear with boots or heels. 

One of my favourite books that I read this past year was called The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern. In it, the use of all black and white is part of the circus tents and the performers outfits. I have a leggings idea (and a whole outfit idea) as a sort of tribute to it. If you enjoy magic and fantasy with a splash of passion as I do, this book is for you. There is a skirt described in the book that I would love to sew.

If you have any ideas or custom requests for a leggings design, please do send me a contact e-mail. This is going to be SO FUN. 

Jack of All Trades? 

Let's talk about that one! Do I specialize? Yes, & no. I have found that when someone immerses herself in one kind of work, the ability to get excited about it naturally diminishes. Yes, we get good at things through repetition, but we also get used to it. Jaded. Bored. In a rut. I think this is where the mistakes of long time practitioners of ANYTHING come from. Anyone can drop the ball because going back to the basics is no longer a part of the program.  We lose our 'fresh eyed' perspective because we 'know it all'. 

What do I specialize in? Image creation. If a project is way out of my league, I'm comfortable enough to refer that work on to someone with the right experience and equipment. If an event is massive, I hire the right pros to work with me, and I'm delighted when a photographer I hire has skills and insight that I don't have. I do many business portraits (head shots) and that's not ever getting old because there are real people in front of my camera with their own lives, and thoughts, and interests. The businesses that hire me can trust me not just to create what they want, but to make it an enjoyable experience for their team.  

Professionally , this is a little of what I have photographed: Events, weddings, golf tournaments, live music, restaurant interiors, food, architecture, scenic work, families, individuals, studio, and location.  There are some very different requirements and skills for each of those kinds of work, and seldom doing the same thing two days in a row means I do have to think through what I'm doing, and not take for granted that 'I've GOT this'. Yes, I might have it, but I'm conscientious about the details. I do research before every project that has some new components to it.  

Like the Virgin Group of Companies, I'd like who I am  and the attitude I bring to my work to be the point from which everything flows. Investing myself in a variety of image creation challenges and personal projects is how I stay sharp. Excluding work to become  known in a niche is a widely accepted, strong business practice, but for my own happiness and love of variety, I'll keep taking work that interests me. 

I was spurred to thinking of this and to clarify my own thoughts about it from this blog post from Tim Ferriss: Top 5 Reasons to be a Jack Of All Trades

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