1. Previews - Previewing and ordering take place online. The copyright for each of these images, regardless of format, belongs to Adrienne Marie Photography (Studio).

2. Negatives /Originals / Image files - Studio has the sole and exclusive right to hold all negatives or digital files and make additional reproductions there from for Client. Studio has the sole and exclusive right to apply for copyright protection for any part of this order.

3. Liability - In the event that this order cannot be completed due to an Act of Nature; Strikes; severe weather conditions; riots; actions by any local, provincial, or federal agency; any event considered a "force mejeure"; or any other event or act outside the control of the Studio, Studio's liability to client shall be limited only to refund of deposits. In the event that this order cannot be completed or rescheduled due to any cause not described above, Studio's liability shall be limited to the Client's order as set forth herein.

4. Payment – Session Fee Retainer or deposit is to be paid previous to the session. (Online bookings that are not paid by 48 hours prior to our start time will be cancelled. See item 6) Payment for all orders such as enlargements, require a non-refundable 50% deposit. All prices at the time of contracting will remain valid for 30 days past the date of first preview. Payment of session fees indicates full acceptance of terms and conditions. For clients who opt to split the session fee in two, payment is due on gallery posting day (The same day any deliverable files are uploaded) OR the due date on the invoice, whichever date is first. 

5. Refunds - Portrait retainers are fully refundable minus a 20% admin fee up to seven days before the scheduled time. If we are less than seven days prior to your scheduled portrait session, the cost of the session is nonrefundable, but may be rescheduled up to 3 times over the following calendar year.

6. Ghosted bookings - Any booking that remains unpaid, and and unplanned, such as the case with an uncontactable client, will be cancelled at the discretion of Adrienne Marie Photography. Please do not book a time you do not wish to use.

7. Adrienne Marie Photography will use images for publicity and promotional purposes, such as website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, business cards, etc., unless otherwise requested in writing.

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